The Virtual Village Pub

comes to Michelin UK


Virtual Village Pub is an online financial and commercial awareness programme built around a business simulation. It is played by 4 teams of 2 or 3 over a two week period.

Teams make four sets of decisions for their pub, with deadlines on Tuesdays and Fridays (at 6pm). Results are uploaded to the web on Thursdays and Mondays (at 8am).

Your task is two-fold: to make the most profit for your pub during the game, and to sharpen up your understanding of how our decisions flow through to our financial performance.


Virtual Village Pub makes no apologies for being good fun, but there's serious learning content too.



                          TUES 12 DEC   FRI 15 DEC

Time Commitment: Approx 5 hours over a 2 week period.

Each participant receives a 28 page A4 course guide. There is also a series of short videos that are posted throughout the programme, explaining the fundamentals of business finance in the clearest terms. This is in addition to the videos produced during the game that update you on the progress the teams are making and which bring out the key learning points.


The videos cover:

  • The Profit & Loss Account

  • The Balance Sheet

  • The Cash Flow Statement

  • Key Ratios

To help you decide whether this programme is right for you, click on the links below.

To reserve one of the 12 places on this programme, contact Ian Peart, Learning & Development Manager

Sample Videos

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Sample Reports

Course Booklet